Sustainability in the apparel business is not a trend anymore. The clothing industry is the 3rd most polluting industry after the meat and the oil industry. We can’t go back and undo the harm, but we can make things better now, and in the near future, by deciding. We want to make a change, we want to make as little impact on this planet as possible.

Recycled Polyester
Recycle Poly is made from recycling PET bottles. Reuse of wastes can reduce the environmental pollution. PET bottle and polyester are the same material which have the same property.

One plastic bottle 600cc=carbon reduction 25.2g =oil saving 0.52cc= water saving 88.6cc
Recycled Cotton
All recycled cotton is made by fabric cutting lost which generated by cut and sew process of making a garment.Recycled cotton is only from the garment factory working for US/EU market, that can ensure recycled cotton is up to the standard in terms of color fastness and the use of dyestuff. We will never recycle any material would possibly harm the body. This is so different compared with other recycled cotton which made by wastage of yarm spinning.

Advantages of Cotton Recovery: NO dyeing required;Reduce 33% of carbon footprint;Reduce 23% of water consumption.
Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is a kind of pure natural and pollution-fre cotton. In agricultural production, organic fertilizer and biological control of pests and diseases, natural tilage management as the main method, no chemical agent is used,and environmental protection and pollution-free are also required in the production and spinning process, which has the characteristics of ecological, green and environmental protection.

Advantages of Cotton Recovery: Good air permeability, Not sticky or greasy. Characteristic;Absorbing sweat and drying quickly, Soft and comfortable;No static electricity, no stimulation;Don't cause allergies;No chemical